2018 MN Sportsmens Platform

A Path for Real Change

Nobody has more say in Minnesota game management than Minnesota’s Governor.  The Governor tells state agencies, including our DNR, what they can and can not do.  Our current Governors abuse of this system has left a bad taste in the Sportsmens mouth.  As an outspoken critic of MN DNR policy, I have been asked to help develop a Gubernatorial Platform for changes to Minnesota game management.

Secret treaty deals are not good game management. Closed door deals are bad wildlife policy.

2018 may see this ‘Sportsmens Platform’ as the deciding issue of the Governors race.


‘Please send me your policy related ideas on what should be initiated and any rules or regulations that could be eliminated to defend a general concept of optimally developing and managing MN’s natural resources for the use and enjoyment of all MN residents.
The more ideas the better. Timing is an important aspect of a statewide campaign and that we may not be able to use every idea from the outset and may need to incorporate different components as the messaging of the campaign moves forward.’
Below is an example of my ideas for changes to deer management.  All of these ideas and more are possible with a willing Governor.
– County Deer Advisory Committees established to dictate herd size and shape.  Each county will blind select a committee representing all local interests to decide herd management.  DNR will manage for the locally decided goals.  (herd size, age structure etc).  Those locally affected by the herd will control decisions over the county deer herd and mitigate local damage.
 – Reallocate $10 million dollars from the DNR budget to private industry for herd monitoring statewide.  This money will be used to collect legitimate herd monitoring metrics the County Committees use in their decision making process.  These data metrics can be used to double check herd modeling, or they can be used independent of any population modeling.  Transparency.  Accountability to announced goals.
– Creation of 6 or more limited draw trophy deer hunting areas in the state of Minnesota.  Buck tags limited to create trophy hunting destinations.  Doe numbers managed by the county committees.  There is zero reason Minnesota does not have select trophy opportunities for its gun and bowhunting public.
– Press Releases from the DNR will be fact checked by private industry before being released to the public.  DNR media releases will be fact checked by private industry.
This is how Government is supposed to work.  You collect input from the public and legitimately manage for their desires.  The smoky backroom deals that are dictating policy need to go.  If your group would like to be a part of developing this ‘Sportsmens Platform’ please let me know.  We can realize real change in 2018.