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St Paul Bird, Buck, Bait and Boat Expo - Feb. 27- March 1, 2015   Warner Coliseum at the State Fairgrounds

MBI is going to be at this event and have our aerial target machine there.  Stop by, say hello and test your archery skills on flying targets.  The event is being finalized.  More details available at the event website.



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MBI President Brooks Johnson


STEP UP TO THE PLATE and Sign the Petition for a Legislative Audit of the DNR's Deer Management Program!

Are you seeing fewer and fewer deer each year?  Do you think the DNR could manage the MN deer herd better?  If so, join other MN hunters who are requesting the MN Legislature to do an independent audit of the DNR's deer management program.  Audits like this are done on numerous programs so don't think of this a a punishing effort, think of it as an opportunity to improve MN deer hunting!

 Get the latest on the MN Deer Density Initiative at Brooks' Blog


Support the MN Deer Density Initiative

MBI has established a dedicated fund to support this effort.  Please consider a donation...your deer hunting future may depend upon it!  MBI is a tax deductable 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

NOTE: Donations are redirected to PayPal's secure server for  payment. You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to make a donation.  MBI does not see or have access to any account information used for payment.

You can also send a check.  Make check out to Minnesota Bowhunters, Inc.  Please note "MDDI fund" on the check and mail to:  MDDI Fund, 1769 Lexington Ave. N #138, Roseville, MN 55113

Download Petition:      PDF Version      MS Word Version



Bowhunting News


Deer population goal-setting public meetings begin Feb. 2

Opportunities for the public to participate in deer population goal setting for large portions of northeastern, north-central and east-central Minnesota begin Monday, Feb. 2, in Monticello.

“Working with citizens to achieve conservation and management goals is integral to the mission of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources,” said Leslie McInenly, DNR big game program leader. “To make sure that goals are based on the broad range of public interest in deer, we use a public process to help determine how many deer to manage for in a given area.”

Each meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and end at 8:30 p.m. After a short presentation on deer populations and management, meeting participants may comment verbally, ask DNR staff questions and complete a written questionnaire.

For those unable to attend a meeting for the area in which they are interested, details on how to submit written or online comments will be available soon at:  www.mndnr.gov/deer



7 guns and 28 sets of antlers among items seized in deer case

Charges have been filed against a number of violators following a five-year deer investigation recently completed by conservation officers with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


Mounts & Antlers Seized

On Oct. 21, conservation officers executed a search warrant on a residence in Dawson, Minnesota owned by Joshua Liebl, 37; simultaneously, other conservation officers conducted a traffic stop near Dawson on a pickup owned by and being driven by Liebl and executed a second search warrant on the truck.

Officers seized 37 guns and 28 sets of deer antlers from the residence, which included 11 shoulder mounts, most of which were trophy class animals. Also seized were four sets of elk antlers and a set of mule deer antlers. In a freezer, officers also discovered a fully intact piebald deer, which was untagged and had been killed with a high-powered rifle. Piebald deer have a spotting pattern of large white and black patches.



4 plead guilty to 2013 deer poaching case

Four men pleaded guilty to a 2013 deer poaching case and had their hunting privileges revoked following an investigation by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Jacob L. Sandberg of Crystal, and Nathan C. Lindgren and Zachary W. Pike, both of McGregor, pleaded guilty to various gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor hunting charges.

Taylor N. Busse, also of McGregor, will pay joint restitution costs for the three does and one buck poached near McGregor. The four face fines and restitution totaling more than $10,000. They also had their hunting privileges revoked for three years.



Canadian and U.S. investigation leads to heavy fine for game violation

A joint investigation by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the Ontario Canada Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry resulted in a heavy fine for a Minnesota man.

Cody E. Christensen, 42, of International Falls, Minnesota, pleaded guilty and was fined $3,000 Dec. 19, 2014 for failing to report acquisition of a game carcass.

Court officials in Canada heard that in 2013, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry conservation officers received information that Christensen and a Fort Frances Ontario resident had unlawfully hunted a bull moose near Fort Frances.

A joint investigation by the law enforcement agencies revealed that on Oct. 10, 2012, the Fort Frances resident arranged for another individual to export the moose to a taxidermist in International Falls. Neither Christensen nor the taxidermist reported the acquisition of the moose carcass to the ministry as required. The mounted moose head was later seized from Christensen’s residence by Minnesota conservation officers and forfeited to Canadian officials. The Fort Frances resident pleaded guilty to related charges last October and fined $1,700 for unlawfully acquiring and transporting a bull moose.

To report a natural resources violation, call the 24-hour, toll-free Turn In Poachers (TIP) hotline at 800-652-9093. Cell phone users can dial #TIP.


Ruling classifies Minnesota wolves as threatened

Effective immediately, Minnesotans can no longer legally kill a wolf except in the defense of human life.

A federal judge’s decision to immediately reinstate Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan place the animals under protection of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Wolves now revert to the federal protection status they had prior to being removed from the endangered species list in the Great Lakes region in January 2012. That means wolves now are federally classified as threatened in Minnesota and endangered elsewhere in the Great Lakes region.

Only agents of the government are authorized to take wolves if depredation occurs.


Penn State deer studywhitetail-buck-doe2

Are some of our long-held hunting beliefs simply wrong?

Some interesting reading on a Penn State website about deer movements and behavior.  The study appears be shooting holes in some long-held hunting beliefs.  The study is of deer in Pennsylvania big woods so I suspect there are some differences from bowhunting smaller wood lots.  They do mention that archery season didn't have much impact on deer movement compared to rifle season.  That makes sense but I suspect that repeatedly bowhunting smaller woods with archery might be similar to gun impacts.

Some interesting findings:

  • Peak rut has nothing to do with moon phases
  • Bucks don't go nocturnal from hunting pressure BUT they do change their movements.
  • Peak buck movements in early November were from 2 to 5AM and from 11AM to 2PM.  Finally a study that supports my desire to sleep in!
  • One doe studied appears to know more about her hunters than they do about her.

Link to Penn State deer study website


Brothers plead guilty to deer hunting charges

Two brothers charged with illegal hunting violations in late 2013 recently pleaded guilty in a plea bargain agreement in Nobles County District Court, reports the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

On Nov. 18, Steven E. Joens, 53, of Wilmont, and Eric A. Joens, 45, of Reading, pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm at a big game animal from a public highway. Each man was fined $1,000 and had their hunting privileges revoked for three years. Charges dismissed in the plea bargain included unlawful transportation of wild animals, illegally transporting a loaded a firearm in a motor vehicle and taking a wild animal with a firearm from a motor vehicle.    More


"Who We Are" - an awesome video by Donnie Vincent.

This seven minute video presents Donnie's views about why we are hunters and includes some unbelievable videography.  (Link to Video)

donnievincent2Some of his productions have been shown on the Outdoor Channel.  Unlike most of the bowhunting shows today his aren't rolling advertisements for the latest gadgets, gimmicks and equipment.  Instead you will see some amazing country and experience the rigors of some tough hunting through the wonders of a camera lens.  Here is a short YouTube video about Donnie done by Midco Sports Magazine - Taking Aim: Donnie Vincent

"The River’s Divide" is an award-winning documentary that features his bowhunting journey in the badlands of North Dakota;  it is available for purchase on his website:  donnievincent.com

More film trailers by Donnie Vincent:  The River's Divide    Adventure    Kodiak    Terra Nova


Youth Archers Harvest 6 Deer at Ripley and Lake Alexander Preserve


Ever Wonder How to Respond to an Anti-hunter?

Check out this very professional and honest answer to an email Darrell B. from Kansas received.   Don't tuck your tail and retreat, be positive with a response like Darrell's.  (Response used with permission)


MBI President Brooks Johnson's 2014 "Maybe Next Year" bear hunting video

Link to YouTube Video


Leading Charity Evaluator Slaps Animal Rights Groups with Donor Advisory Warnings

Charity Navigator, the nation's largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, has stripped their rating of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other animal rights groups and replaced them with a “Donor Advisory” warning.


Wisconsin 3-year Deer Mortality Study Results

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Outdoors Editor Paul A. Smith summarizes the results of the 3-year study.  The study ranks the leading causes of WI deer mortality attributable to coyotes, human hunters, starvation, vehicle collisions and wolves.  And, no, the preceding isn't in the correct order.


"The Recipe for Collapse"

A very good article by Bill Winke on his Midwest Whitetail website about Iowa's deer management and the variables that have driven the number of deer down significantly.  (Go to Midwest Whitetail Article)


"In a Dark Wood - Can Bows and Arrows Save Hunting in America"

This article from The Economist weekly news magazine provides a thought provoking look at hunting today compared to Teddy Roosevelt's vision for American and hunting.  You might not agree with everything the author has to say but it may just  encourage hunters to ask themselves 'what is it I really want to get from hunting.'  (Go to The Economist Article).


"America's Pest Problem: It's Time to Cull the Herd"

Time Magazine Cover Story,  December 9, 2013

The article goes on to say "Across the country, hunting is poised for a comeback, and not just because the folks on Duck Dynasty make it look like so much fun. We have too many wild animals — from swine to swans...The same environmental sensitivity that brought Bambi back from the brink over the last century now makes it painfully controversial to do what experts say must be done: a bunch of these critters need to be killed.   (Go to Time Magazine Article)


Who is Working Against Your Opportunities to Hunt, Trap, Fish and Enjoy the Outdoors?  Take a Look at the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Dirty Dozen!  More...

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