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Jim Shockey's father's guns stolen

Not exactly bowhunting news but from Shockey's Facebook page "I seldom ask anyone for help, but I am asking now. Please help us. My father’s guns were stolen last week and I am asking for your help to have those guns, which obviously have great sentimental value, returned to our family.

Last Sunday, thieves broke into our family ranch house near Saskatoon and stole our (white) Cannon Safe which contained all my father’s guns.

There were more than two thieves, as they literally loaded the entire safe onto a truck or trailer, along with our washer and dryer, television, stereo, 20-Stealthcam trail cameras, aluminum ladders and all my father’s personal tools."  More at Shockey's Facebook page...

MDHA supports full inclusion of crossbows in MN archery season

See the MDHA resolution, MBI President Brooks Johnson's comments and provide your feedback on Brook's Blog.

DNR hires new big game program leader

The point person for management of Minnesota’s deer, elk and moose populations and hunting seasons for deer and elk will be Adam Murkowski. He starts Monday, Jan. 11, as big game program leader for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  Murkowski worked in a similar position, deer project leader, in Vermont from 2012 to 2015. Since March 2015, he worked for the Wisconsin DNR as assistant deer, bear and wolf ecologist in Madison.    More...

Develop or enhance public archery ranges through DNR grant

Local governments can apply for funds to develop, improve or rehabilitate public archery ranges through a program that makes grants of $5,000 to $25,000 available from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.    More...

Anti-hunters get Canadian hotels to cancel hunting shows

Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport location and the Saskatoon Inn in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan last week cancelled the hosting of the African Hunting Exposition.  The hotels caved in to a petition signed by 3,000 anti-hunting extremists. SCI is striking back with a hunter response email campaign to the hotel management groups.  SCI has created a letter and a simple form to enable hunters to easily respond.  Take a minute to complete the email form and get our voices heard!

MN Bowhunters can hunt all six 2016 spring turkey periods!

will-2013-mn-turkeyHunters this spring will get more time to enjoy being outdoors while trying to bag a wild turkey, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said.  Turkey hunting time periods will be longer, all will include weekends and more time periods will be available to each hunter.

 Overall Camp Ripley hunt harvest up 41 percent

(DNR 11-09-2915 news release)ScheiberBuck__2015_2BomanBuck_Ripley_2015_2

L-R: Terry Scheiber of Annandale and Evan Boman of Howard Lake each harvested bucks over 200 pounds at the second Camp Ripley archery hunt, held Oct. 31 and Nov. 1.

In a sign that deer populations are rebounding, archers this year harvested 41 percent more deer in two hunts at Camp Ripley Military Reservation near Little Falls.  More...

DNR offers interactive deer map preview & seeks feedback

DeerMap_DesktopHunters now can preview an interactive deer information tool being developed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources at www.mndnr.gov/deermap.

Minnesota’s 2015 elk hunts successful

The 2015 elk hunts in northwestern Minnesota wrapped up on Sept. 20 with another successful season in the Kittson County area. Five of seven hunters harvested nice-sized bulls.

DNR approves new deer population goals

New deer population goals have been approved by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for large portions of 2015deergoalmap_snortheastern, north-central and east-central Minnesota, covering 40 of 128 deer permit areas in the state.

“These new goals will result in management to increase deer numbers in relation to last year’s levels in most of the 40 permit areas,” said Steve Merchant, wildlife populations manager.

Penn State deer studywhitetail-buck-doe2
Are some of our long-held hunting beliefs simply wrong?

Some interesting reading on a Penn State website about deer movements and behavior.  The study appears be shooting holes in some long-held hunting beliefs.

Link to Penn State deer study website

Ever Wonder How to Respond to an Anti-hunter?

Check out this very professional and honest answer to an email Darrell B. from Kansas received.   Don't tuck your tail and retreat, be positive with a response like Darrell's.  (Response used with permission)

Wisconsin 3-year Deer Mortality Study Results

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Outdoors Editor Paul A. Smith summarizes the results of the 3-year study.  The study ranks the leading causes of WI deer mortality attributable to coyotes, human hunters, starvation, vehicle collisions and wolves.  And, no, the preceding isn't in the correct order.

Where can I shoot my bow?



2016-01-01  Dr. Warren Strickland Archery Super Slam

This is not really an article but rather an awesome series of posts and photos on Bowsite.com about his recently completed quest for a Super Slam.  Dr. Strickland, AKA 'Full Draw' on Bowsite.com, states his bowhunting passion began at age 12:  "I was born and raised in Dermott, Arkansas a small farm community located in the southeast corner of the state. A life changing moment was Christmas morning on my 12th birthday when i opened a gift from my parents that contained a bow with 3 ARROWS. After opening that gift the flames and passion for the sport of archery and bowhunting began to burn hot. I read ever book and watched every movie on bowhunting and archery that i could get my hands on. While most of my friends idols were Sports figures, mine was Fred Bear!. I was determined, at all cost, to walk down similar paths of Papa Bear. My trophy room is a tribute to that man who made it possible for all of us to experience this great sport of archery and bowhunting."   (link to Bowsite.com thread - ENJOY!)

2015-12-31  The Outdoor Life Book of World Records 

Ever wonder what was the heaviest whitetail, biggest black bear, the toughest game laws or who was the fastest gunslinger?  Take a look at the records Outdoor Life has assembled.  (link to article at outdoorlife.com)

2015-12-15  Have We Lost Our Way As Hunters │ Why Do You Hunt? (link to article at Scout.com)

2015-12-13  Late Season Deer Hunting Strategies (link to article at Skinnymoose.com)



Why do you hunt?  Might it all be about ANTICIPATION?

2015-07-13_MBI Anticipation videoThe answer for James Jacobs is presented in his short award winning video. I think for many of us he has clearly identified a major factor, or maybe THE factor...anticipation. The video features excellent videography, scenery and an eloquent description of anticipation. Well worth five minutes of your time.  James Jacobs:   Facebook   Website

"Who We Are" - an awesome video by Donnie Vincent.

donnievincent2This seven minute video presents Donnie's views about why we are hunters and includes some unbelievable videography. Some of his productions have been shown on the Outdoor Channel. Unlike most of the bowhunting shows today his aren't rolling advertisements for the latest gadgets, gimmicks and equipment. Instead you will see some amazing country and experience the rigors of some tough hunting through the wonders of a camera lens.

MBI President Brooks Johnson's 2014 "Maybe Next Year" bear hunting video (link to YouTube video)


National Archery in the Schools Program

MBI is proud to support the National Archery in the Schools Program.  We have donated thousands of dollars over the years to enable a number of Minnesota schools participate in this great program.  See  MBI's NASP page if you are interested in applying for an MBI NASP grant or would like more information about the program


Minnesota Archery
Hall of Fame

MN_Archery_Hall_FameThe Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame was formed in the mid "90's with it's first induction ceremonies in 1997. The Hall is located at the Pope & Young Museum in Chatfield, Minnesota. All Minnesota bowhunters should take the time to see the Hall of Fame and tour the P & Y Museum - it is really impressive!


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