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Get Archery in Your Local Park Through DNR Grant Program

Minnesota park and recreation departments that would like to construct a recreational archery range can apply for funds through a new Department of Natural Resources grant program.


Help a Rochester, MN Bowhunter Recover His Stolen Taxidermy Mounts - $1,000 Reward

Please help Chris Gates get his nine big game mounts back.  They were  stolen from a storage unit in Rochester, MN.  He isn't sure when the theft happened but it was most likely within the past year or so.

StolenTrophiesA Police report has been filed.  The DNR cannot help because they were legally harvested animals and not a game violation. Chris is  posting REWARD flyers everywhere he can to get exposure.  Help from fellow sportsmen is greatly appreciated.

Click on the image to the left for a full page view.  Download StolenTrophies Poster

If you recognize any of these mounts, or even if you have have some suspicions, please contact the Rochester Police Department at 507-328-6800. Case file #14-23126

Thanks much!


Park Rapids Boy Scouts Trailblazer Event Needs Your Help  

Bowhunters, your help is needed at this important youth outdoor skills event to be held at Camp Wilderness. Help pass on your Boys_archeryenthusiasm for archery and bowhunting at the archery range activity. The August 16th event will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In addition to archery the day will also include BB gun shooting, fishing and other outdoor skills areas.

To volunteer or for more details contact Frank Price at fprice@ussportsmen.org or 614-888-4868 extension 202.


Mahtomedi Student Wins at NASP Archery Nationals

Focus. Discipline. Persistence. All are attributes shared by many students who take up archery. Confidence comes when students see results from practice and fine-tuning.

One Mahtomedi fifth-grade student has more reason for confidence after winning at national archery competition. Mitch Munion won first place in a field of 904 other fifth graders, and was first among 1,573 fourth and fifth graders at National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) Nationals in Louisville, Ky. Competition included archers in fourth through 12th grades from 39 states.
Munion holds his bow and award for winning first among 1,573 fourth and fifth graders at national competition.

Munion-web-250x300Mitch Munion holds his bow and award for winning first among 1,573 fourth and fifth graders at national competition.

Munion, a student at O.H. Anderson Elementary in Mahtomedi, also won fourth place in the 3-D Challenge in which animal-like foam targets are used. Team head coach Becky Lassila said Munion is in his second year on the archery team. He shot his personal best score at nationals.

“He works hard every time he’s at practice,” Lassila said. “He’s very focused. He loves what he’s doing, which helps immensely.”

Munion and fellow Mahtomedi archers practice with students from White Bear Lake. Between both programs are 140 student archers. Local interest in archery has garnered support from administrators and physical education teachers, who recognize it as a sport and have been working archery into class curriculum, Lassila said.

For students, archery builds self-esteem and confidence, she said.

“Whether they realize it or not, it’s the focus and the discipline that goes into it. When they’re getting into it they’re really focused and they’re really on, and I think that’s a good feeling that they get.”

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Archery in the Schools program is part of the NASP and aims to train teachers and provide students with the best equipment, training and curriculum available for the lowest price.

In all, 192,000 teacher-reported students in Minnesota participate in archery in the schools programs, said Kraig Kiger, DNR shooting sports education specialist.

“Schools can receive DNR grant money for archery programs,” said Kiger. “We want to help as many students learn to be archers as possible. And who knows how far a student might take their interest in archery. In the case of Mitch Munion, he’s already at the top of his class and has a whole career in front of him. Congratulations are in order.”

Next up for Munion is the NASP World Tournament July 11-13 in Madison Wisc., along with competitors from Canada, Africa and the United Kingdom.

More information about DNR Archery in the Schools program is available online.



Get the latest on the MN Deer Density Initiative
Brooks Johnson Photo

by MBI President Brooks Johnson

at Brooks' Blog



Support the MN Deer Density Initiative

MBI has established a dedicated fund to support this effort.  Please consider a donation...your deer hunting future may depend upon it!  MBI is a tax deductable 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

NOTE: Donations are redirected to PayPal's secure server for  payment. You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to make a donation.  MBI does not see or have access to any account information used for payment.

You can also send a check.
           Make check out to Minnesota Bowhunters, Inc. 
                   Note "MDDI fund" on check and mail to:
                            Minnesota Bowhunters Inc.
                            MDDI Fund
                            1769 Lexington Ave. N #138
                            Roseville, MN 55113

Download Petition:      PDF Version      MS Word Version


MBI to Support the MN Deer Density Initiative!  

At their January 7th meeting the MBI Board voted unanimously in favor of a position supporting the efforts of the MN Deer Density Initiative.

MBI will be partially funding distribution of petitions to help raise the deer density goals in areas of the state short term, and to help retool the upcoming DNR stakeholder input process for transparency and equitable stakeholder representation.

If you are concerned with the number of deer in your area, and would like to help collect signatures, I suggest you approach your local archery shop to see if they would like to expose the petition to their league shooters.  We will send them a kit that includes a postage paid envelope to send them back in.  They can contact me to get a signature packet or for more information (763-213-6811).

 If your area is enjoying numerous deer, I hope you enjoyed the past season and wish you luck next year.

 Brooks Johnson
 MBI President


Bowhunting News


St. Croix State Park Will Pilot Archery Hunting this Fall

St. Croix State Park in Hinckley will pilot an archery hunt for part of the 2014 fall deer season. The archery hunt will be Sept. 29 through Nov. 7, with the exception of Saturday, Nov. 1, and Sunday, Nov. 2, when the park will close for a youth firearms hunt. One hundred archery tags will be available; the deadline to apply for them is Aug. 15.


DNR Announces 2014 Wolf Season

Hunters and trappers can apply for the 2014 wolf season beginning Friday, Aug. 1, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced.


MN 2014 Conservative Deer Season Set

Hunters can expect a conservative 2014 deer season designed to rebuild deer numbers across much of the state, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said.


Minnesota Man Pleads Guilty to Numerous Illegal Hunting Charges

A Baudette, Minnesota man faces heavy fines, jail time and revocation of his hunting privileges following an investigation for illegal bear and deer activities by the Department of Natural Resources.


Leading Charity Evaluator Slaps Animal Rights Groups with Donor Advisory Warnings

Charity Navigator, the nation's largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, has stripped their rating of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other animal rights groups and replaced them with a “Donor Advisory” warning.


2014 Camp Ripley Archery Hunt Applications

Hunters can apply starting Tuesday, July 1, for the 2014 regular archery deer hunts at Camp Ripley near Little Falls. The application deadline is Aug. 15, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


Wisconsin 3-year Deer Mortality Study Results

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Outdoors Editor Paul A. Smith summarizes the results of the 3-year study.  The study ranks the leading causes of WI deer mortality attributable to coyotes, human hunters, starvation, vehicle collisions and wolves.  And, no, the preceding isn't in the correct order.


"The Recipe for Collapse"  

A very good article by Bill Winke on his Midwest Whitetail website about Iowa's deer management and the variables that have driven the number of deer down significantly.    
(Go to Midwest Whitetail Article)


"In a Dark Wood - Can Bows and Arrows Save Hunting in America"

This article from The Economist weekly news magazine provides a thought provoking look at hunting today compared to Teddy Roosevelt's vision for American and hunting.  You might not agree with everything the author has to say but it may just  encourage hunters to ask themselves 'what is it I really want to get from hunting.'  (Go to The Economist Article).


 "America's Pest Problem: It's Time to Cull the Herd"    
    Time Magazine Cover Story,  December 9, 2013

The article goes on to say "Across the country, hunting is poised for a comeback, and not just because the folks on Duck Dynasty make it look like so much fun. We have too many wild animals — from swine to swans...The same environmental sensitivity that brought Bambi back from the brink over the last century now makes it painfully controversial to do what experts say must be done: a bunch of these critters need to be killed.   (Go to Time Magazine Article)


Preliminary MN 2013 firearms deer harvest numbers show success down 6%.  More...


Doug Bermel shoots the first turkey legally taken in the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge since it was established in 1962

Doug Bermel 2013 Turkey photo


Watch Doug's Video

Who is Working Against Your Opportunities to Hunt, Trap, Fish and Enjoy the Outdoors?  Take a Look at the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Dirty Dozen!  More...

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