Deer Planning Team Votes

Ticks now join moose, cars, cwd, crops, and trees as reason for fewer deer

Discussion on draft strategy 6.1.2:

“Partner with the MN Department of Health to develop information on the interaction and mitigation of deer and human health concerns, specifically Lyme disease”

• Members discussed whether reductions in deer populations could meaningfully reduce the incidence of Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses in humans.

o The representative from the Department of Health cited studies showing that when deer were reduced to fewer than 8 per square mile, there was evidence that tick populations also declined; it is unclear, however, whether this translated to a reduction in the incidence of disease in humans.

o Another member cited studies showing that reduction of deer populations in residential neighborhoods was correlated with reductions of Lyme disease in humans.

o The committee took a vote:  9 members voted to keep the strategy in place; 8 voted to eliminate it.  Not the 75% majority the DNR seeks, but a majority vote none the less.

And the seats representing hunters are silent on the topic.  Just like the DNR groomed them to be.  Its a hosejob, and it when it is penned the hunters will get the shaft.