MN Deer Advisory Team Votes the hunters voice absent?

The group our DNR hand picked to advise on the deer plan voted 15-4 last week to support a statewide deer feeding ban.

MN Outdoor News front page this week

While a survey of the rejected team applicants yielded a much different result.




MDHA voted against the ban, but if they don’t go legislative to oppose the ban, the founding issue of the organization may be queered.  My guess is they won’t actively oppose the ban.  They don’t like to butt heads with the DNR.

Yesterday it was baiting.  Today its all deer feeding.  Mineral licks will be close behind.  Will food plots be next?

4 comments on “MN Deer Advisory Team Votes
  1. Ryan Doll says:

    More information on this?

  2. Well that’s why we call them do nothing right department.

  3. Kyle Crowe says:

    Feeding deer I can see. Maybe in confirmed countries of cwd or other diseases should just not be able to use mineral licks like Wisconsin if mineral licks come into play. As a die hard bow hunter and wildlife land management guy. Mineral licks help my herd I have tremendously for overall health and food plots weather it’s corn, beans, or planted mixes help wildlife in the winter months when food is hard to come by and has helped so much in the long run. So to take away a mineral lick or food plots for us guys that do it for the health of the wildlife would be a big blow to die hard hunters and those who have a huge passion for it.

  4. Dar Arndt says:

    We have been leaving approximately 10 acres of corn and soybeans every year for the last 30 years to feed all wildlife for the winter food source. The deer hurd has used this food exclusively for good health going into spring. I see no problems with the deer in our plots in South Central Minnesota. Baiting is way different than food plots.