Special MN Summer Deer Hunts Open Soon

...but you will never know where

The summer deer hunting season is almost upon us, and soon many will take to the field to shoot the free depredation tags they got from their area wildlife managers.  They often hunt at night because its easier to target deer when they are on their feet.  But you can’t find out where the hunts will take place, or how many deer will be shot because we don’t really track that in Minnesota.

You passed him as a fork and he made it through the winter. Will he make it through the summer deer season?

Area managers can hand out summer deer tags to interests that can demonstrate need.  Browsed trees, browsed ag field etc.  If the deer do damage, they may be summer targets.  I get it.

But the information on who gets tags and how many sits in your area managers desk drawer.  No annual records are compiled.  No data base for you to see if your neighbor is one of the shooters.

Funny story relayed to me one day about a conversation between a couple of area landowners.  One was very excited about all the young bucks they had passed last fall.  He had high hopes for some bigger bucks in the woods this fall.   Until he was told that a neighboring landowner was issued 7 buck tags because they rub his trees.  No doe tags, but 7 buck tags

It happens more than you think.  Or does it?

One comment on “Special MN Summer Deer Hunts Open Soon
  1. John says:

    What the hell are you talking about? I’m sure it does happen, albeit very limited, definitely not a widespread or even remotely common issue. This has to be your most ridiculous blog yet…and that is really saying something!

    Can you cite your sources? Or is this just another one of your cynical conspiracy theories that the DNR is out to destroy our deer herd and the sky is falling typical BS post?

    I personally come here for comedic purposes and I find it alarming and sad at the same time that people actually listen to this crap, goes to show you that MBI is not a serious organization, no wonder they don’t let you sit on the panel, cause you bring nothing but nonsense, made up “facts”, and your own kind of “science” or “statistics”. If you actually took an open mind to something the DNR did, yet disagreed with them on things, maybe you would be taken serious! Do I agree with everything the DNR does? Nope! But I know that they are not being paid by the auto industry or insurance industry like you claim. Most of them hunt and fish and their wages come directly from their constituents…sportsmen/women. It would do our sport more good if we could unite on issues rather than disagree on everything and spew lies that the very departments that look after our natural resources are crooked our stupid. Would we get everything we wanted, probably not, but I think the problem lies within the people rather than the agencies. I see all kinds of stupid behavior in the field every single year and most of the A-holes are guys who hate on the agencies.

    If you know so much why are you not a published peer reviewed author changing the way resources are managed…oh yeah I forgot it’s because all agencies and science journals are in cahoots with each other, being paid by big business to screw us hunters over and the real sound science is being done by guys like you! I guess ignorance is bliss.