MN CWD Legitimacy

Rhymes. Sort of.

It widely accepted that CWD positive deer are more likely to be hit by cars.

In 2016 over 50% of Pennsylvania CWD positives were car killed deer.

In 2016 Minnesota DNR tested only 30 car killed deer.

Why is our MN DNR not testing car killed deer?

Why should we approve spending $1.5 million per year testing for CWD when our DNR ignores the most likely positives?


5 comments on “MN CWD Legitimacy
  1. Perry c says:

    We need to stop management for older bucks. Find me a state that has CWD in the wild that has not pushed for an older buck age class? Deer hunting needs to return to food and fun. The leasing of land for hunting has to stop.
    Lets start taxing the land leasers high enough to pay for the bad deer management that has brought us CWD

    • Kaleb says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong. The best hunting is in areas of leased land because people value the quality of hunting when they have money on the line. The brown and down meat hunter is what is wrong with many areas in MN. They probably have 3 year old freezer burnt meat too. Keep shooting yourself in the foot pal. On top of that learn the health benefits to the herd of good buck age structure and get with the times.

    • Kaleb says:

      Also, when did WI implement anything for buck age structure?? Highest prevalence rates of any state in core areas.

    • Kaleb says:

      If you think older age bucks “cause” CWD you are so incredibly misinformed that I don’t think I’ll waste my time arguing with you

  2. Tom Peterson says:

    Wow. What are they thinking??? Idiots at the MNDNR?