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 While going through some MBI records recently we came across a 1996 Banquet brochure that included a page entitled “A Brief History of MBI’s 50 Years.”  Of course today that would read a brief history of 70 years!  We need to do some more digging but here is what was printed with the timeline moved to 2016.  Some items were added to the list. 

Through the years...

 70 Years Ago (1946)

  • In the fall of 1946 a meeting was held of local archers and MBI was created.  Membership cards and pins were ordered and officers were elected.  The archery season ran from October 16 – November 1.
  • In 1948 the bank balance was $71.92 and the second annual tournament was held in St Croix Park
  • In 1949 MBI was incorporated in the State of Minnesota by four bowhunters from Coleraine.  The four were E. I. Eichman, Frank Wassberg, L. E. Kaupp and Fred Smith; the four became the first Directors and officers.  Dues were set to be no less than $1 nor more than $5 per year.
  • In 1950 the winner of the Big Antler Award was 11 year old Marv Knoff.

60 Years Ago (1956)

  • The 10th Annual Meeting was held in the middle of a snow storm in Moorhead.  The directors supported having the Minnesota Conservation Department set gaming seasons instead of the Legislature.
  • In 1957 the family membership fee was $3.00

50 Years Ago (1966)

  • Hunting in St Croix Park was a success.  MBI’s bank balance was $267.49.  The Board of Directors was created.
  • In 1969 a Black Widow Bow was awarded to the member who recruited the most new members at a cost of $89.50.

40 Years Ago (1976)

  • The second state-wide drawing was a success (the brochure doesn’t say what the drawing was for).  Legislative issues revolved around opening state parks to archery and including small game on archery licenses.
  • In 1977 dues were raised to $4.00
  • in 1978 the MBI emblem/logo was introduced.
  • In 1980 Camp Ripley was closed to hunting.

30 Years Ago (1986)

  • 40th Annual MBI Meeting
  • In 1988 dues were raised to $8.00
  • In 1989 legislative work focussed on shooting hours and moose hunting.
  • In 1990 creating chapters was proposed.  Treasurer’s report showed a balance of $4,131.13.
  • In 1991 unification efforts with the Minnesota State Archery Assn. (MSSA) were discontinued.
    • Deer bonus permits became available.
    • MBI membership was 1,600.
  • 1992 was the beginning of the 600 round.
  • the 1992 MBI banquet – the featured speaker was M. R. James
  • 1993 MBI received 501(c)3 non-profit designation from the IRS.
  • 1995 MBI purchased a trailer to use to attend events around the state.

20 Years Ago (1996)

  • 50th Anniversary Annual MBI Meeting
    • First MBI archery show at the Earle Brown Heritage Center.
    • A commemorative print by Jim Kennedy commissioned for the meeting.
    • Well known bowhunting special guests included Fred Asbell, Paul Brunner, Rick Crosby, Dave Holt, M. R. James, Judy Kovar, Myles Keller, Jay McAninch, John “Maggie” McGee and Dr. Dave Samuel
    • 1996 New tri-color logo developed (see logo to the right)
  • 1997 Donated $17,500 to the Forest Resources Center in Lanesboro for a youth archery camp.
  • 1997 Bowhunter Rendezvous with seminars by Larry D. Jones, Myles Keller, Jay McAniknch, Jeff Murray, Dight Schuh and Marty Stubstad plus over 75 vendor booths at the Earle Brown Heritage Center
  • 1998 Modified Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of MN
  • 2002 Root River and Sunrise-Three Rivers Chapters dissolved
  • 2003 Held strategic planning meeting with open invite to all members
  • 2004 Donated donated $300 to support the Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame
  • 2004 Contributed $375 to the Pope & Young bowhunting museum fundraising campaign.
  • 2004 New MBI logo developed (see logo to the right)
  • Members approved combining the MBI Constitution and Bylaws; new document to be ‘MBI Bylaws’
  • 2005 Successfully opposed a DNR rule change to permanently open the Bemidji Game Refuge to gun hunting
  • 2005 Attended the 1st National Bowhunting Summit in Springfield, Missouri.

10 Years Ago (2006) 

  • 2006 Youth deer bowhunt at Wilkens farm near Mora
  • 2006 Began monthly email updates to members