Paracord Binocular Harness

The other day I was on a bowhunting website and saw a post asking people what binocular harness they preferred. Many responded saying they like the one by Rick Young Outdoors.…-bino-harness/

I watched the company’s video and thought it would be fun to see if I could make a similar harness. I made a quick prototype and liked the feel and simplicity of the harness. To be fair I must say that the Rick Young Outdoors commercial harness is reasonably priced but I enjoy making things. Besides I am a packrat so figured I surely had plastic cord stops and clips that could be used. I decided to make a harness with 1/8t-inch paracord just to see if I really needed the straps to be elastic. I think the paracord will work just fine and if not I will replace it with elastic cord.

I made the adjuster patch by punching four holes in a piece of leather belt I had stashed away…told you I was a packrat! I also had a plastic cord stop designed to hold two cords. I found a couple of plastic clips I saved from an old archery accessory strap that could be used to hook up to the binoculars. The clips aren’t quick release as the commerical version but they work well.

Give it a try and see if you like getting rid of the bulky strap harness you now use.

Binocular paracord harnessBinocular paracord harness adjustment

Binocular paracord harness clip

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