Replace Leverage climbing stick strap & buckles with rope

I really like the Leverage climbing sticks I purchased a couple years ago except for the heavy and noisy metal buckle and snap on the strap.  A couple decades ago I bought a few metal strap on steps that used hollow braid polypropylene rope for the adjustment. I figured why not use the same concept on the Leverage sticks. I had plenty poly rope around the garage so decided to give it a try.  I used seven to eight feet of 5/16-inch blue twisted poly for the main rope and 5/16-inch yellow hollow braid poly for the short ‘gripper’ piece. Working load was advertised at around 230 lbs so figured it work fine for me at 200 pounds. Besides, the rope steps I have used for many years have only 5/16-inch poly. Of course if one desired more of a safety factor larger diameter rope could be used.

The gripper piece of rope has the main rope run through it for about seven inches. To attach the gripper piece to the Leverage stick I used a 5/16-inch bolt, three washers as spacers, a large fender washer and a nylon locknut. The new attachment method is much lighter than the metal snap and buckles, is quick to set up and holds securely. This year I plan to replace the blue poly rope with either black or the ‘trucker’ black/orange poly rope. I put a very light coat of spray primer on the yellow hollow braid and that seems to camo it a little. If I ever run into some green or black hollow core poly I will probably switch to that but it is good enough for now. See photos below for details.

Rope replacement for strap and buckles

Rope replacement for strap and buckles

Leverage stick with hollow braid + twisted braid rope_2

Final climbing stick with rope



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