MBI encourages all members to submit their digital photos and videos for posting. All photos of game taken with fair chase are allowable. We also would like to post any game camera photos you are willing to share. Please email us your photos along with the details you would like mentioned.


Member Success Photos  (Click on the thumbnail photos to enlarge.)



MBI President Brooks Johnson’s son Arcus shoots his first buck (2015)

MBI President Brooks Johnson’s 2014 “Maybe Next Year” bear hunting video

Erik Swanson stalking his 2009 WY Mule Deer

Brent Swanson stalking his 2007 WY Mule Deer

Brent Swanson video of his cousin’s 2007 WY elk    (Brent was 8 ft from the elk when the arrow struck home!)


2015-07-13_MBI Anticipation videoWhy do you hunt?  – by James Jacobs

The answer for James Jacobs is presented his short award winning video. I think for many of us he has clearly identified a major factor…anticipation.  The video features excellent videography, scenery and an eloquent description of anticipation.  Well worth five minutes of your time.  Video link



donnievincent2Who We Are – by Donnie Vincent.

This seven minute video presents Donnie’s views about why we are hunters and includes some unbelievable videography.  Video Link