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The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) was started in Kentucky in 2001 through a partnership of the State of Kentucky and Mathews Archery.  The program is designed to improve student motivation, attention, behavior, attendance, and focus as well as encourage young people to learn outdoor skills that will inspire them to spend more time with wild things in wild places.  The archery curriculum it designed for inclusion in a school’s 4th – 12th grade Physical Education program.  Since its inception the NASP program has spread rapidly throughout not only Kentucky but also the entire US and the world.

More information about the curriculum, teacher training, archery equipment used, and school requirements can be found at the following links:

  • Minnesota’s Archery in the Schools Program  (download PDF from MN DNR about the MN program and what schools will need to get a successful NASP Program started)



MBI has a grant program to help schools fund their share of program costs to obtain the needed archery equipment through Minnesota DNR’s NASP program.  Each year MBI receives numerous grant requests and helps as many schools as possible.

To assist us with efficiently handling and prioritizing requests we have created a grants request submittal timeframe, school requirements and consideration criteria:

    MBI will only accept requests between the time frame of FEBRUARY 1 and MARCH 31. The MBI board will make decision about which schools to fund in April.
    Any school/organization that receives funds from MBI will commit to working atthe MBI archery activities at the Game Fair to be held in Ramsey, MN August 12, 13, 14 and 10, 20, 21, 2016. The school commitment shall be 4 person-days per $800, e.g., for an $800 grant your school would agree to provide four (4) helpers for one full day.
    1) Reaching the maximum number of participants as possible
    2) Programs that cater to all ages
    3) Programs that support and encourage bowhunting

If you would like to submit a grant request to MBI (after Feb. 1st) you can use one of the forms below:

2016 Minnesota Bowhunter Inc (MBI) Grant Request Forms 
(You can submit a 2016 NASP grant request to MBI in any one of three ways):

1. Online Web Form – Recommended because it is faster and requires less handling for you and MBI.  Note:  the form does not have a save feature so the entire form must be completed and sent.

2. Download a PDF form, print it and complete the form with a pen.

3. Download an MSWord form:  MS.doc Form    MS.docx Form   NOTE:  the form may be read only upon download.  If so simply save a copy then open the saved copy and you should be able to edit within the document.  With some word processing programs it also works to right click on the document and then select “edit.”

Completed options #2 or #3 forms should be emailed to or placed in an envelope and mailed to:

2016 NASP Grant Request
Minnesota Bowhunters Inc.
1769 Lexington Ave. N #138
Roseville, MN 55113