Why do I want to be a member of MBI?

  • I want someone to be watching and participating with the legislature and with the DNR to protect and promote bowhunting issues.
  • I want bowhunters to be represented on committees and commissions where decisions and recommendations that affect bowhunting are made.
  • I want Minnesotan’s to be aware of bowhunting’s important role in game management
  • I want my views to be heard
  • I want to support youth involvement in archery and bowhunting
  • I want to fight the anti-hunting lobby and misconceptions they are forcing onto the general public

Why do I want these things?

For our current and future generations of bowhunters. Minnesota Bowhunters Inc. is actively involved in all of the above.  With more members we can do more and will have more impact.  Please help us with our efforts to make sure bowhunters have a voice and a future in Minnesota. Join Minnesota Bowhunters Inc.  

Archery Club Membership Options

100% Club: an archery club in which all members belong to a state archery organization. To be eligible to become an MBI 100% Club, the Club must manage and send payments to MBI for their members. MBI will send the MBI membership renewal notices directly to the club.  Each 100% Club is entitled to one seat on MBI’s Board of Directors.  Contact MBI for more information.

Affiliated Club: where all members of an archery club do not belong to a state archery organization the club may become an MBI Affiliated Club. The club shall receive up to five regular 1-year memberships for the club’s officers. The goal for this affiliated relationship is to encourage communication amongst the state’s archery clubs and MBI to better meet the needs of each group’s membership. The Club must manage and send payments to MBI for their officers. MBI will send the MBI membership renewal notices directly to the club. Contact MBI for more information.

Membership Types & Rates

Membership Type*
Regular, 1-year $20
Regular, 3-year $55
Regular, 1-year age 65 and older $10
100% Club, 1-year Regular Membership (Note: membership is managed and paid directly by your local 100% Club) $15
Life, under age 65 $375
Life, Age 65 & older $150
Affiliated Club (Includes up to five 1-year memberships for officers) $75
MBI Booster $50 minimum

*All memberships except the Booster include spouse and family members age 17 and under. Only one copy of mailings will be sent to the primary address.

MBI Board of Directors Application

There are vacancies on the MBI Board of Directors!. If you are a interested in helping guide MBI’s direction and activities, are a current member, and can contribute 24 hours of work during the year, MBI needs you!

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         PDF Form