MBI Mission Statement, Goals and Actions

Mission Statement

The purpose of MBI shall be to foster, protect and preserve the sport of bowhunting and archery for current and future generations.


  • Present our membership’s positions to government officials, departments and legislators.
  • Support efforts to increase opportunities for archers to hunt on public and private lands.
  • Educate hunters and the general public on the values of archery and hunting.
  • Promote and work to maintain high quality wildlife habitat in Minnesota.
  • Promote good sportsmanship, good hunting ethics, and safe hunting practices.
  • Support enforcement of regulations which curtail the illegal or unethical taking of wildlife.
  • Provide opportunities for archers to meet, share experiences, engage in friendly competition and develop a fraternal spirit.

MBI Actions, Efforts & Support

  • Minnesota Deer Density Initiative (MDDI)
  • MN Annual Game Fair Archery Kid’s Shoot and Aerial Shoot
  • Additional Spring turkey bowhunting opportunities
  • National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)
  • Initiated action which led to defeat of a congressional proposal to eliminate bear baiting on national lands
  • MN Constitutional amendment guaranteeing right to hunt and fish
  • Permanent funding for DNR Fish & Wildlife Programs
  • MN court case which upheld the Hunter Harassment Law challenge by anti-hunters
  • DNR Archery Range matching grant funding
  • Metro Bowhunters Resource Base
  • MN Archery Hall of Fame
  • Pope & Young Club Museum
  • U.S. Sportmen’s Alliance
  • North American Bowhunting Coalition
  • United Foundation for Disabled Archers (UFFDA)

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