EMT Climbing Sticks

I have built a number of these climbing sticks with 1/2-inch EMT and 3/8-inch hollow braid polypropylene rope – I hate buckles!   The beauty of the curved step is it creates a lot of room for two feet.  These are easy to climb and are very stable.The bends were made with an EMT tubing bender available at any home building center.  I welded the EMT with a MIG welder and they have held up just fine. Each section weighs 3.5 pounds so four total 14 pounds.  Not light but not bad either.  If you are going to weld EMT be sure to do a Google search for the cautions needed because gas is created when welding zinc-coated metal…be safe!
DEN_EMT_climbing stick

Final Product

DEN_EMT_climbing sticks_1_knot

Knot Used to Tie and Adjust Rope











DEN_EMT_climbing stick_end dimensions

End View with Dimensions

DEN_EMT_climbing stick_dimensions

Top View with Dimensions




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