Minnesota’s Governor

Uber powers.

The Governor of Minnesota has tremendous power over state agencies, our DNR included.  One needs to look no further than Governor Dayton’s secretly negotiated Mille Lacs treaty deal to witness abuse of this power.  Politics currently have a vice like grip on Minnesota game management.

We need a Governor that will add accountability to the process and give the power back to the people.

Local interests should dictate local deer herd shape and size.  Not the deer hunters of MN, but the people of Minnesota.

“The arrogance we’re seeing in state agencies is pretty outrageous, really, whether it’s the DNR (Department of Natural Resources), the Pollution Control Agency or the Met Council, the attitude is that their job is to direct and control people, rather than serve people,”

When called or emailed on the topic of deer/fish management, only one candidate for Governor has taken the time to meet and discuss these issues with the deer hunters and Mille Lacs interests in Minnesota, and if we can make it an issue for the November 2018 election, we may gain some legitimacy in MN game management.


MNBowhunters Inc supports Jeff Johnson’s view on the subject.  We are hopeful the topic gains traction.  We are letting you know that he is the only candidate who has shown any interest in the topic.  Reach out to him with your questions and help us make this an issue for the 2018 Gubernatorial race.



Hit him on Jeff Johnson Facebook, or email him at press@johnsonforgovernor.org to let him know you are interested in this aspect of his campaign.