MN Deer Permit designations available online

...Bucks only - Intensive harvest, look up your zone

The MN DNR has released the deer zone designations for 2017.  Antlerless harvest is managed to grow or shrink the herd on a zone by zone basis.  If you want more deer you shoot fewer ladies.  Too many deer means more doe tags, if we want to grow the herd we issue fewer.  In theory.

Buck harvest is the number one gauge of herd size on a zone by zone basis.  It is far from perfect but it is collected data.  I personally believe we need more data that we can use to double check the model (3rd model since the 2015 deer management audit), but none of the other deer groups seem to care.  Data would add accountability to publicly announced goals.

Click here to see info on your DPA and what the harvest designation is.

MN DNR interactive DPA map


One comment on “MN Deer Permit designations available online
  1. Jason says:

    3 deer intensive harvest for 214 has to be one of the dumbest things ever just when the herds looking up they go and mess it up…..should have stayed with the 2 deer.I also think the no limit zones are a big mistake….our management of our deer is why many out staters shy away from our state….sad