Position on Deer License Increases

The funders tire of the blunders.

Position Statement:  MNBowhunters Inc opposes any increase to the cost of a Minnesota deer license until the written deer plan addresses all of the issues presented in the legislative audit and hunting is included in the plan.


In 2015 the deer hunters of Minnesota sent thousands of hand signed signatures to the Office of the Legislative Auditor requesting transparency and accountability from the MN DNR deer team.  Unprecedented public response led to a legislative audit of our DNR deer management system.  The legislative audit produced numerous recommendations for change and shortcomings in Minnesota deer management.  The DNR response to the audit was the states first written deer plan.

It has come to our attention that the DNR has no plan to include hunting in the pending written deer plan.  No metrics of hunter satisfaction.  No metrics of hunter effort.  No discussion or attention to hunter desired issues.  Deer leaders of the state recognize the deer are managed for all the people of our state, and that hunters do not get to dictate deer management, but we feel those that provide significant funding for that management deserve proportionate attention.


MN deer hunter satisfaction has dropped from a peak of 88% to below 30%.  We feel it prudent to delay the fee increases until the DNR shows us written plans to address the above noted shortcomings.


Brooks Johnson

President MNBowhunters Inc

One comment on “Position on Deer License Increases
  1. Erik Hendricks says:

    Get someone one there that actually cares about hunters instead of insurance companies.