94% of Public Input from Deer Hunters

...but hunting will not be addressed in the deer plan.

In January of 2015 the MN DNR announced they would be creating a written deer plan.

In the fall of 2016 they started the process.

In the spring of 2017 they announced hunting will not a part of the written plan.

94% of the public input they received about shaping the plan came from deer hunters.  But the issues we want addressed will not be tackled when writing the plan.

Deer hunter satisfaction has dropped from a high of 88% to below 30%.  The deer plan won’t be addressing that.

Will the deer groups of Minnesota allow this to happen?  I have seen zero resistance.  I have my hunch.


2 comments on “94% of Public Input from Deer Hunters
  1. Gary Opsahl says:

    Do not care about testing.get rid of apr.and go back to the season’s we had twenty years ago and let nature take care of it’s self.DNR needs to back off.

    • Neal Grandlienard says:

      Gary Opsahl as much as I’m sure you like shooting the first brown object you see while out hunting each fall, APR is a great thing. It allows young bucks to make it past their first year or two and have a much better chance of achieving maturity and becoming a deer that someone would be proud to put on their wall. If all you’re after is meat then shoot a (mature) doe, it’s not that difficult.